The TWO Types of Wedding Albums…

Many couples today are often confused about the types of wedding albums available today, and I find myself often explaining the differences.  MATTED albums have each photograph individually printed and  mounted on each page.  The couple usually chooses the layout of the photographs they select.  These are more “traditional” albums although there are many varied cover treatments available.  DIGITALLY-DESIGNED albums are where the photos that are selected by the couple are arranged using sophisticated software by a (hopefully) talented designer.

Our couples can select either type of album after the wedding.  Some prefer the simplicity and elegance of the matted albums, some prefer the creative and often stunning sophistication of the digitally-designed books.  Whichever you may prefer, you can be sure your wedding photographs will look GREAT!  See our  website for more information.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge.



The Neatest Little Wedding “Albums”

Nothing is better than a nicely designed and elegant wedding album of your beautiful wedding photographs.  But would you want to lug it around and show it to your friends?  The Philip Kent Studio is now offering purse-sized “albums” that you can carry anywhere of your treasured wedding photographs!  They are printed and bound to the highest quality AND they’re surprisingly INexpensive!  When you order your digitally-designed album with us we can add a soft-cover booklet of the same larger main album.  Call us for more information and pricing at 703-790-1020.  For information on our Wedding Photography in general, also visit our website at  See a few examples of our purse albums here.  Click on each image to enlarge.


The American Society of Photographers (ASP)

The American Society of Photographers (ASP) is a trade group of Master Photographers of which I am privileged to be a member.  A sub-group within the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), they have attained the highest honor in the profession by attaining the status of Master Photographer with years of training, education, awards and accomplishments.

Here is a new  5-minute video release from the ASP long showing some of the great photographs submitted this year by some of our members!


New Adventures in Video

We have offered optional Wedding Video for many years and in upgrading to a highly advanced editing software that can handle HD, I decided to do a “practice” run with a short music video on wakeboarding.  This is a screenshot, not a photograph, from the video.  Quite a dramatic angle, wouldn’t you say?  Wait until you see the actual footage and effects!

Now, if I can only “find the time”.   Our 2013 weddings should be a lot of fun!

Scene from “Wakeboard Revolution” by Philip Kent
(click to enlarge)



New Wedding Album Covers by Leather Craftsmen

Leather Craftsmen is my favorite wedding album supplier.  Their quality is simply unmatched in the industry.   They introduced a few new colors this year.  One is a silver-gray leather that looked so stunning when I received it for one of my couples, I thought I should take a photo of it for a blog post.

It also has a cover photo in a raised frame giving it a very distinctive look.  Another recent album I ordered has one of their innovative cover stripes, all in rich Euro Leather.  Copper, silver or gold engraving of a couple’s names and wedding date are usually added.  Plus (and most other album company products are inferior to this) they bind their albums in a very sturdy and rugged book binding, designed to last for many, many years of use.  The albums used by most photographers today are not as well made and won’t last as long.  LC albums are simply the best pro wedding albums out there.

Here are  the photos of these items.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Save-The-Date-Cards & Engagement Portraits


Frequently I do engagement portraits for couples who are getting married so they can create Save-the-date cards.  This is a very popular service that we offer our couples and the session can be done in our Tysons Corner studio or at a few of our favorite outdoor locations in the Tysons area.  Kelsey and Jon, shown below, elected to have their portraits done at the beautiful Meadowlark Park in Vienna.  Engagement portraits can be used also for invitations, signature boards at the reception (instead of a guest book), gifts or just to have to remember this wonderful time in a couple’s lives.  For more information on our services, see our website at














The World’s Best Wedding Albums: Leather Craftsmen

For many years I have been a great proponent of Leather Craftsmen albums and even toured their facility in New York a few years ago.  Recently I have decided to make them our exclusive album supplier.  Other companies we have tried on occasion such as Graphis, Zookbinders, White Glove…  only Leather Craftsmen is a company firing on all cylinders.

For example, I believe they are number one when it comes to the key factors in album manufacturing: the design options in both matted and digital albums, quality of the  printing, the covers, the customer service, and this is where many companies fall short–the binding–is second to none.  Having been in the business for 30 years and seen just about everything I want to provide my couples with the best of everything.   You can be assured that Leather Craftsmen is the best of the many options available today in professional wedding albums!

Below are 2 photographs: one of their matted albums where each photograph is individually and elegantly mounted and matted in the album.  The 2nd photograph shows their digitally-designed albums where the images are composed by an artist on a computer and printed in a collage-type presentation.  Each are roughly equally popular with our wedding couples.

For additional information on our Wedding Photography, please see our website at

Click on thumbnails to enlarge…

Beautiful Photo Mosaics of Wedding Photos!

The brother of the bride from a recent wedding I photographed created a stunning mosaic of her wedding photographs. She brought it in to show me and I was VERY impressed (and I don’t impress that easily).

Robert Marriott is a true artist and I wanted to share his work here. Below are 2 images: one of the overall mosaic and one close-up showing some to the individual photos in detail used in the mosaic.

Not just for wedding photographs, this would be a great way to showcase a couple’s engagement portrait with other smaller photos in the mosaic from their dating times or childhood for display at the reception.

If you would like Robert to create one these beautiful works of art for you, contact him directly and see his new website at

See our website of recent work at

Leather Craftsmen: The World’s Best Wedding Albums

This may sound like an advertisement for Leather Craftsmen Company, but in the 30 years I have used them, since I started in business, they have consistantly been my favorite and number ONE supplier. Why? They have the highest quality albums anywhere along with the best customer service I have experienced over the years. These days, with technology making it easy for companies to produce books and albums for photographers, there are just too many companies out there doing it for amateurs and professionals alike. Some are good, some are not, but this has resulted in almost a commodity-type business where price is the determining factor. Sure, there are some innovative and creative designs but quality of construction for example, has taken a back seat to lower cost and turnaround speed.

Leather Craftsmen, however has not played this game and I am always impressed everytime I receive their albums for my clients and ocasionally for my own use. I’ve looked at most of the other manufacturers out there and even tried a few, but concluded that none can surpass the beauty and quality of the albums provided by LC. The look and design is surperior and the construction of the binding and spine is tougher and more elegant. Sure it costs more in many cases, but not that much more. And for a product that is a lifetime purchase, the extra cost, if any, is insignificant. Many photographers out there today use cheaper products with amateur designs, thinner pages and lighter style bindings than just can’t stand up to the years of use one would expect.

Finally, they answer the phone promptly and can answer any question instantly because their experienced staff knows their business inside and out. I even toured their facility a few years ago on Long Island , NY and it is a stunning example of technology mixed with old world craftsmanship. Quite a company indeed!

For more information on Leather Craftsmen albums, see their website. For more information on our own work, visit our website at Enjoy!

Too Many Wedding Photos? How much is enough?

I laugh and shake my head whenever I hear about some photographer “brag” about taking 1,000 photos or more at a wedding. I immediately think “IF YOU CAN’T TAKE GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS, TAKE PLENTY OF THEM!” And that is exactly what I see today with many digital photographers. I use the word digital because although almost all photographers today, including us, only use digital. The newer and less experienced photographers didn’t start in the business until inexpensive digital cameras became available. They seem to think that more is better.

And how do you view these photographs? Is the photographer going to print all of them for you? Unlikely. You will view them online, which makes the selection process even more unwieldy and tiring. The only advantage to viewing them online is to make it easier for friends and family to see the photos. We offer this as an option for those who find it helpful for that reason.

So how many DO your need to tell the story of the wedding day? We have found that most couples can’t deal with more than about 300 or so photos of their wedding. Even with this many, they still have to severely edit down to a practical number to fit into their wedding album. With the traditional matted albums favored by many couples today, the average number of photographs selected for the album seems to range from about 40 to around 70 or 80. Some even higher. With our digitally designed albums (or “Coffee table books”) the number is higher, ranging from 65 to around 100 photographs. One album we did recently was one of the largest we ever made, with 156 images. But 40 or 50 photographs is certainly enough to tell the story of the wedding day, including portraits of the couple, their wedding party and families, as well as the various traditional events (cake-cutting, etc.) and of course various candids and creative photographs. Each couple is different of course, depending on their budget and how many photographs they think they need.

Certainly we do our best to provide them with a comprehensive choice of images, but 1,000 is certainly a ridiculous number to shoot for and certainly uneccessary and unworkable for most, expecially when one is discarding most of them! Go for quality and content, not volume. See our website at for more information on our approach, successful for many years.

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