New Wedding Albums, The Sundance Film Festival


A week-long trip and plenty to see!  First a visit to the annual Professional Photographers of America convention in Atlanta to see the latest in wedding albums, equipment and new ideas for our clients.  After a brief tour of CNN to see that from the inside, it was a few days of skiing in Utah which happened to coincide with the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City.

Sundance was created by Robert Redford to provide new and independent filmmakers a forum for showcasing their films to distributors and the public with the hope a distributor will purchase the film for general release.  Films are first reviewed by the Sundance organization and this year they selected 119 for the festival, showing them in various locations in and  around Park City and the Salt Lake area.  Dozens of distributors will review them such as Sony Pictures and CBS, as well as many smaller companies. If selected, a film may be purchased for general release to a theater near you.

This is a  great opportunity for any young filmmaker looking to break into the business.  And “festival” certainly describes the atmosphere of the place, with occasional celebrity sightings.   PS…. The weather wasn’t great, but the skiing in Utah always is!

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