New Wedding Album Covers by Leather Craftsmen

Leather Craftsmen is my favorite wedding album supplier.  Their quality is simply unmatched in the industry.   They introduced a few new colors this year.  One is a silver-gray leather that looked so stunning when I received it for one of my couples, I thought I should take a photo of it for a blog post.

It also has a cover photo in a raised frame giving it a very distinctive look.  Another recent album I ordered has one of their innovative cover stripes, all in rich Euro Leather.  Copper, silver or gold engraving of a couple’s names and wedding date are usually added.  Plus (and most other album company products are inferior to this) they bind their albums in a very sturdy and rugged book binding, designed to last for many, many years of use.  The albums used by most photographers today are not as well made and won’t last as long.  LC albums are simply the best pro wedding albums out there.

Here are  the photos of these items.  Click on the photos to enlarge.