Tysons Corner Earthquake Damage…at the Philip Kent Studio!

Yes, you read that right!  The office building where our studio is located in Centennial Plaza on Old Courthouse Rd. near Tysons Corner sustained major damage from the Aug. 23rd earthquake.  What was it like?  I don’t know.  We were on our boat at the time taking a nice afternoon off with our son before he left for college.  Didn’t see any tsunamis either.  Heard about it on our son’s cell phone after receiving text messages a couple of hours later.  Arriving at the studio at 7pm, CNN and other TV satellite trucks were on the scene.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but a few cars were destroyed by falling masonry from the top of our 2-story office building.  Quite a scene and possibly the worst damage anywhere on the east coast considering all the news media showing up.  The building was closed to the public but as one of the owners I was able to get to  into the studio and check on things.  A few things strewn about and off the shelves and a TV monitor hanging by some wires.  I turn it on to see if it is still working and the NBC Nightly News has just begun.  They’re showing photos and video of the damage to our building that I just looked at 5 minutes earlier!   Bizarre and surreal!

Even though the building was closed for 2 days we were leaving town anyway on a 6-day trip so studio appointments were not affected.  See some photos of the mess here, before they patched it up for the imminent hurricane!