Launch of the Last Space Shuttle, Atlantis!


I always thought it would be really neat to see and photograph the launch of a space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Our son attends college in the area so we know the area well.  With only one more opportunity to see a launch, my wife Karen and I flew to Orlando the day before the launch stayed in Melbourne overnight and drove to KSC in the pre-dawn darkness.  Poor weather the day before and still in the area made the launch very uncertain.

Scoping out a location beforehand, we chose the new Max Brewer Causeway Bridge overlooking the water near the space center, the closest location for the general public.  Thousands were already there at 6am for the 11:24am launch but we still found a great spot.  A great time was had all morning with some of the others who made the trek and we all witnessed a great moment in space history, as a space ship of flames rose straight up into the sky and through the clouds.  Some photos of the scene below…

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