Leather Craftsmen: The World’s Best Wedding Albums

This may sound like an advertisement for Leather Craftsmen Company, but in the 30 years I have used them, since I started in business, they have consistantly been my favorite and number ONE supplier. Why? They have the highest quality albums anywhere along with the best customer service I have experienced over the years. These days, with technology making it easy for companies to produce books and albums for photographers, there are just too many companies out there doing it for amateurs and professionals alike. Some are good, some are not, but this has resulted in almost a commodity-type business where price is the determining factor. Sure, there are some innovative and creative designs but quality of construction for example, has taken a back seat to lower cost and turnaround speed.

Leather Craftsmen, however has not played this game and I am always impressed everytime I receive their albums for my clients and ocasionally for my own use. I’ve looked at most of the other manufacturers out there and even tried a few, but concluded that none can surpass the beauty and quality of the albums provided by LC. The look and design is surperior and the construction of the binding and spine is tougher and more elegant. Sure it costs more in many cases, but not that much more. And for a product that is a lifetime purchase, the extra cost, if any, is insignificant. Many photographers out there today use cheaper products with amateur designs, thinner pages and lighter style bindings than just can’t stand up to the years of use one would expect.

Finally, they answer the phone promptly and can answer any question instantly because their experienced staff knows their business inside and out. I even toured their facility a few years ago on Long Island , NY and it is a stunning example of technology mixed with old world craftsmanship. Quite a company indeed!

For more information on Leather Craftsmen albums, see their website. For more information on our own work, visit our website at www.philipkent.com. Enjoy!