Too Many Wedding Photos? How much is enough?

I laugh and shake my head whenever I hear about some photographer “brag” about taking 1,000 photos or more at a wedding. I immediately think “IF YOU CAN’T TAKE GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS, TAKE PLENTY OF THEM!” And that is exactly what I see today with many digital photographers. I use the word digital because although almost all photographers today, including us, only use digital. The newer and less experienced photographers didn’t start in the business until inexpensive digital cameras became available. They seem to think that more is better.

And how do you view these photographs? Is the photographer going to print all of them for you? Unlikely. You will view them online, which makes the selection process even more unwieldy and tiring. The only advantage to viewing them online is to make it easier for friends and family to see the photos. We offer this as an option for those who find it helpful for that reason.

So how many DO your need to tell the story of the wedding day? We have found that most couples can’t deal with more than about 300 or so photos of their wedding. Even with this many, they still have to severely edit down to a practical number to fit into their wedding album. With the traditional matted albums favored by many couples today, the average number of photographs selected for the album seems to range from about 40 to around 70 or 80. Some even higher. With our digitally designed albums (or “Coffee table books”) the number is higher, ranging from 65 to around 100 photographs. One album we did recently was one of the largest we ever made, with 156 images. But 40 or 50 photographs is certainly enough to tell the story of the wedding day, including portraits of the couple, their wedding party and families, as well as the various traditional events (cake-cutting, etc.) and of course various candids and creative photographs. Each couple is different of course, depending on their budget and how many photographs they think they need.

Certainly we do our best to provide them with a comprehensive choice of images, but 1,000 is certainly a ridiculous number to shoot for and certainly uneccessary and unworkable for most, expecially when one is discarding most of them! Go for quality and content, not volume. See our website at for more information on our approach, successful for many years.